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Selecting the Best Window Coverings for Your Bathroom

window shadesThe bathrooms in your home should look as great as all of the other rooms. A good way to ensure this is to carefully select all of the details and decor, and this includes window shades. Window shades and coverings come in many different types, but what might work in another room might not work so well in a bathroom. How do you know which options are the best for this part of the house? We have some tips from the experts in how to do this.


This is the most important thing that you have to keep in mind when buying shades or blinds for your bathroom. Most people want to have access to lots of natural light while still being able to get privacy when you need it. Blinds are a good way to achieve this, since they are easy to open and close as necessary and they offer maximum protection from prying eyes.

Moisture Resistant

Even if the window in your bathroom is not close to the shower or tub, you still want to have moisture resistant window coverings. Steam can get into fabrics, creating mold and rotting curtains, so coverings like roman shades are not the best idea. You should also be careful of the kind of wooden blinds you buy, since some of them are not treated to prevent water damage and you can end up with stains. You also do not want wood to warp because of the moisture, which is why ensuring that the blinds are protected and treated for water damage is vital.

Easy to Clean

You want window coverings that are easy to maintain and keep clean. You can end up splashing makeup on curtains or hair products, which can create stains. This is why easy to clean options like shutters or blinds are a good choice. You can just wipe them clean with a moist cloth or use the products especially made for them. With the right window coverings you can make your bathroom look great while still keeping it easy to clean and hassle free.


Natural light is important in a bathroom. You want as much of it as you can get and shutters and blinds can offer it to you. They are easy to open and close and you can angle them to get the perfect amount of light you want at any time. They are simple to adjust and can be a good option for large windows.

Window coverings can make a bathroom even prettier. A company like Colorado Shade & Shutter can help you find the perfect look for your bathrooms. You want moisture resistant options that are easy to clean, that will not warp or develop mold, and that can offer all of the natural light you want while still giving you privacy when you need it. Trust experts to help you select the best possible options and turn your bathroom into a work of art that you will really want to show off.